Our Mission:


To deliver literature, music and songwriting to the Seattle community while

building the next generation of musicians and readers.

Our Vision:


To keep the arts and the creative mind thriving for all  


Our Values:

-Stay inspired
-Celebrate the voices in our communities, and grow with them
-Make art and share ideas
-Model creative community
-Keep the conversation going
-Bring equitable education to our youth
-Bring 21st Century skills to our youth
-Support the local Arts
-Support local Artists 


songwriting through youth literature education

Igniting student’s passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education.

STYLE is one of the programs offered through Bushwick Northwest.

STYLE ignites a passion for reading in students that will last a lifetime. Impacting students’ ways of thinking and working while giving them new tools and skills in everyday life.


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STYLE Community Outreach

We are dedicated to working for all students and ensuring that price will not be a barrier for schools. We will provide reduced and free program when a school is in need. Here is a list of Title 1 schools in which we are contracting with this year.

Bailey Gatzert Elementary, Leschi Elementary, Olympic View Elementary, ORCA K8, Westview Elementary.


The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

original music inspired by books

Sharing the gift of music and literature with the community we love.

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is one of the programs offered through Bushwick Northwest.

It is an active community of musicians, songwriters, comedians, poets, artists, authors and readers, all coming together to create and enjoy original works inspired by books.

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Meet The Bushwick Northwest Team

The Board of Directors

Geoff Larson
Board President, Executive Director, Upright Bass player, Songwriter

Michelle Martin
Beverly Clearly Endowed Professor for children and youth services, UW

Anthony Detrano
Board Member, Program Manager at Vroom Communications

Joseph Skocilich
Board Member, Chief Legal Officer at Foundry Law Group

Wes Weddell
Board Member, Associate Director, Songwriter

Mary Cutler
Board Member, General Manager at Town Hall Seattle

The Board of Advisers

Claudia Castro Luna
Writer, Poet, Washington State Poet Laureate

Craig Seasholes
Elementary Librarian, WLA President

Jennie Shortridge
Writer, Musician, Seattle7Writers Guru

Roger Fernandes
Native American Storyteller, Artist

Catalina Cantu
Writer, Poet, Curator

Garth Stein
Writer, Seattle7Writers Guru

Kimberly Thomas
Anti-racism training, Kimberly Thomas Consulting

Aleyanna Grae (They/Them)
Singer-songwriter, Spoken Word artist, Arts Organizer”

Every bit helps to keep our programs in action!

Your donations will go directly into The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and STYLE: Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education.

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STYLE -songwriting through youth literature education

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A 501(c)(3) non-profit focusing on Integrated Arts education and Live performance

As an organization centered around filtering art through experience, we must honor and witness the real pain and trauma in our midst. The killings of Black and Asian Americans highlight the need for systemic change in our country to address racial injustice. Events continue to unfold that unveil the discrimination, misogyny, racism, and violence that have long existed in our culture. Racism in any form is unacceptable. Bushwick Northwest stands committed to being an anti-racist alliance that features a diversity of voices and confronts institutional racism.

As a white-founded and white-led organization, we acknowledge that we have more work to do. Bushwick Northwest pledges to pursue racial, social, and economic equity at all levels of our organization. This includes representation on stages and in classrooms, in our administrative and governing bodies, partnerships and outreach, and as part of our everyday practices. We recognize that we must dismantle our own historical and structural barriers and biases in order to grow into a more equitable collective and truly fulfill our mission to deliver literature, music, and songwriting to the Seattle community while building the next generation of musicians and readers.